Bernardo M42 arrived to the market in 2011, by the hands of the founder and criative director Maria Lemos.

The brand is synonymous with tradition and genuine handcraft coming from the region of Oporto, Portugal, value recognized worldwide.

Passion for leather, individual finishing and attention to detail are in the essence of every pair of shoes. Innovative procedures requiring manual techniques and processes make our

products exclusive with a distinguished look, without sacrificing comfort and durability.

A tribute to the region and the traditionally hardworking people of the North of Portugal, every pair of Bernardo M42 bears the label “Shoes made in region of Oporto”. All the shoes are

produced with natural leathers of the highest quality, hand crafted and finished by artisans with a long experience in shoe making.


Bernardo M42 is designed to become a second skin and be part of the owner’s lifestyle.